How to Find High PR Backlink Resources [Simple Foot Prints]

Building High Quality Backlinks:

Backlinks are the essential part to improve your SERP as well as business. But every bloggers and website owners have a question that how to find high pr sites for backlinks?  I wanna share one thing with them. You may get lots of backlinks from different sites but the most important factor is gaining backlinks from your niche related sites. Footprints are the one which helps you find sites related to your niche

What are Footprints?

Footprints are certain text you may notice in popular sites like “powered by blogger”. So you can use it with your keyword to find high quality backlink resources.

There are many Footprints available. Here, I explained some of them with an example.

Footprint 1 – Your Keyword “Allowed HTML tags:”

It shows a collection of sites which allows html tags in comment session. And most of the sites are instant approval so that you can build some quality backlinks instantly.

For an example, Kollywood “Allowed HTML tags:”

Html tags
Footprint 2 – Your Keyword inurl:blog “post a comment” -“you must be logged in”

This result shows some high PR sites and you should sign up and create an account with those sites to post your comment. So you can get backlinks from commenting as well as from the profile. But one thing you should remember that you need to avoid too much of link building on those sites to avoid spam.

For an example, World cup inurl:blog “post a comment” -“you must be logged in”

Footprint 3 – “Proudly powered by WordPress” intitle:Keyword

Generally millions of WordPress blogs are available. This query filter blogs related to your keyword. So you can earn quality backlinks from high PR WordPress site instantly.

Footprint 3 – “Proudly powered by WordPress” intitle:Kollywood

wordpress comment
Footprint 4 – .Edu & Forum Sites

Backlinks from.Edu and forum sites are always giving you high authority. But most of you think that is difficult to get backlinks from those sites. Don’t worry! Here is the solution. Following footprints will help you.

1. “forums register”

2. “message board register”

3. “discussion board register”

4. “SMF register forum”

5. “Powered by PunBB viewforum.php”

6. “bulletin board register”

7. “vbulletin forum signup”

8. “phpbb register forum”

9. “punbb register forum”

10. “forums post thread”

11. “forums new topic”

12. “forum new replies”

13. “forum signup”

14. “forum view thread”

15. “forum post thread”

16. “Powered by PunBB register.php”

Footprint 5 – Guest Blog Sites

Now, another important part to drive high traffic to your website. Yes, you are right.. Guest Blog! But do you know how to find the best sites for guest blogging and how to get approval? Use the following footprints.

1. Keyword/CompetitorName + “guest blog”

2. Keyword/CompetitorName + “guest blogger”

3. Keyword/CompetitorName + “guest article”

4. Keyword/CompetitorName + guest post

5. Keyword/CompetitorName + guest author

6. Keyword/CompetitorName + “write for us”

7. Keyword/CompetitorName + “write for me”

8. Keyword/CompetitorName + “become a contributor”

9. Keyword/CompetitorName + inurl:category/guest

10. Keyword/CompetitorName + inurl:contributors

11. submit * post keyword

12. submit * guest post keyword

13. submit * blog post keyword

14. submit *article keyword

15. suggest *guest post keyword

16. write for us keyword

17. guest bloggers wanted keyword

18. guest posts wanted keyword

Footprint 6 – Product Review Sites

In the blog comment method, you can get backlinks by sharing your thoughts or appreciate the author of that article. Similarly, you can earn powerful, high quality links by reviewing a product. Sometimes it may be a nofollow link, but definitely it will help you increase your SERP. Try the following footprints…

1. ProductName + review +

2. ProductName + ratings +

3. ProductName + comparison +

4. ProductName + price comparison +

5. ProductName + compare

6. ProductName + ratings +

7. ProductName + comparison +

8. ProductName + review +

9. ProductName + ratings +

10. ProductName + comparison +

11. ProductName + price comparison +

12. ProductName + recommended intext:”powered by typepad”

13. ProductName + review +

14. ProductName + ratings +

15. ProductName + comparison +

16. ProductName + intitle:review

17. ProductName + intitle:ratings

More Footprints to Find Backlink Sources

These are the footprints which help you find high PR sites to build quality backlinks. There are some more footprints are available. But you will find only a few valuable sources by using them. Try the below list too.

1. “leave a comment” “powered by wordpress”

2. “powered by wordpress”

3. “powered by wordpress”

4. Keyword “powered by wordpress”

5. Keyword “powered by blogger”

6. Keyword “leave a comment”

7. Keyword “leave comment”

8. Keyword “reply to post”

9. Keyword “this site uses keywordluv”

10. Keyword “this site uses commentluv”

11. Keyword “powered by wordpress”

12. Keyword “leave a comment”

13. Keyword “reply to post”

14. Keyword “blog”

               Hey guys! Hope, now you can get a clear view about footprints and how to use them. Then why still waiting? Start to find out the most relevant link sources. But before that, remember the Penguin update. Avoid too much of link building to prevent your site from spam. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Cheers…

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